Blocked in China WordPress Plugin

What’s the plugin all about?

If you’ve ever done business with China, you know how important it is to ensure that your website is available within China’s mainland. To help business owners with WordPress sites, we developed the Blocked in China WordPress plugin, which uses the Blocked in China API to check your site’s status within mainland China.

How much does it cost?

Free Plan

We offer monthly status updates at no cost using the free version of the Blocked in China WordPress plugin. Your latest status updates will display in the settings area for the plugin in the WordPress Dashboard and also on the WordPress Admin Bar (if selected).

Premium Plans

Our Personal, Pro, and Agency plans allow you to have more frequent status updates for a monthly or annual fee.

Weekly Status UpdatesDaily Status UpdatesHourly Status Updates
1-25 site license1-25 site license1-25 site license
Starting at $2.99/monthStarting at $9.99/monthStarting at $19.99/month

How does the API work?

The Blocked in China API uses the following service in our backend to allow the WordPress plugin to check your site’s status within mainland China.